Messenger Tips & Tricks

Here are some things you can do with your Yahoo messenger. I will put them in three sections - Easy, Moderate and Hard to show what level of computer knowledge is recommended.


Send a group message
This one is really simple. Just right click on the group title in your contact list on select Send Message to all in this group. Alternatively hold down the Ctrl and left click on the names you wish to send a message to. Once you have hilighted the required names simply right click on a name and select Send a message.

Change webcam status message
Really simple and hardly a secret. Click Login at the top left and then click on Preferences. Once the preferences window has opened click on Webcam in the list on the left. Now on the right at the bottom you should see a box and next to it it says When my Webcam is on, change my status message to. Tick the box and then type the message you want people to see when you have your webcam on.


Change the title bar text
You can change the text that appears in the bar at the very top of the messenger window by simply editting the ymsgr.ini which you will find in the same folder as your messenger. Locate the ymsgr.ini file and open it in notepad or any text editor. Then at the end add the following

caption=YOUR TEXT

changing YOUR TEXT to whatever you want it to say. Then save the file and close messenger. When you restart messenger you will see your new message.


Edit/delete your custom away messages
Please only attempt this if you are confident at registry editting. Click Start and click on Run. In the run window type regedit and press Enter. Once regedit has opened click the following items in the list on the left. You can either double click the folder image or single click on the + sign. First open HKEY_CURRENT_USER then Software then Yahoo then Pager then profiles. Next open the folder for the accounts who's away messages you want to edit or delete. Now open the Custom Msgs folder. In here you will see all the status messages you have set next to a number. The Number_DND bit sets whether it shows you as busy or not with that status. 1 will show you as busy while 0 will not and 2 will set you as idle. The away msg entry is the last away message you used.

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