Yahoo! Adult Smileys
by BaseFaces

If you have Yahoo Messenger you can use these new and depraved versions of the old smileys you've come to know and love.

Below are some, but not all, of the smileys you will get.
I can't show some because of their adult nature but if you click on any of the smileys you will open up the gallery where you can view them all Wink (requires Javascript to be enabled)

Kiss Angel Angry Pills & Drink Laughing Shhhhhh Smoking Psycho Clown Blurghhhhh No Entry Whip

When you send a smiley in a message all you are sending is a code that represents this smiley. The code could be something like :-) or @};- or anything really. Your chat program then converts the code into the smiley it has been told is represented by that code. So it may think :-) is 1.gif. SO in your message it displays the image 1.gif where it finds :-). The adult smileys work by replacing your existing smileys with the new ones. This means you will see the adult smiley but the other person will see the smileys they have installed.

To download the adult smileys simply click the link below
Messenger 6, 7 & 8 (552904 downloads so far!)
Once downloaded simply run the installer.
Click yes if asked if you wish to overwrite the existing files.

To restore the original smileys just download and run this file. On Vista and Windows 7 you might need to run this as Administrator.
Original Smileys for messenger 6, 7 & 8

For more help goto

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