Welcome to my collection of Yahoo! related pages. Let me tell you what I have.

Adult Smileys
Replace your boring messenger smileys with these risque ones made by Basefaces
Yahoo Messenegr Archive Reader
A program by Freddy and myself for reading your Yahoo Messenger Archives.
Messenger Tips & Tricks
Ways to personalise your Yahoo messenger as well as how to send messages to mulitple users and edit/delete custom away messages
Posting Smileys
The codes used for posting the 96 smileys in Yahoo!
Chat Clients
There are other programs available for using Yahoo's chat service. They are all far superior than the official ones and more boot resistant.
Fake Logins
How to keep your account safe from hackers and script kiddies.
Chat Terms
Want to know what LOL and ROFL mean? then have a look at this list.
Emote Editting
A quick guide to editting the Yahoo messenger emotes.
Status Check
Check the online status of any Yahoo user
More ways to make your account secure and how to change your password and security question.

Want some naughty smileys for your Yahoo messenger? Then look HERE.