Current stable version is 1.24


  • Powerful spam fighting controls
    • Use Captcha or Saptcha to prevent automated posting
    • Each guestbook generates a unique form
    • Time delay before guests can post
    • Time limit on how long a guest has to post
    • Moderate entries before they appear in your guestbook
    • Block or moderate posts containing bad words
    • Ban ips or even ip blocks from posting
    • Block posts containing to many urls
    • Check guests headers for known spam headers
    • Check a posters IP address against a database of known spammers

  • Apart from their name and their message your guests can tell you their...
    • Email address. You can even make email addresses required
    • Location
    • Website
    • Yahoo! messenger id
    • Live (MSN) id
    • AIM id
    • ICQ uin
    • Skype id
    • Even their gender
    • And guests can upload an image with their posts

  • Other features
    • Powerful AGCode for formatting entries or even displaying pictures and Flash
    • Allow HTML in entries but control which tags can be used
    • Send emails using SMTP instead of sendmail
    • Create thumbnails for images that have a large file size
    • Automatic resizing of images and Flash files displayed in entries
    • Graphical smileys (emoticons)
    • Previewing of entries
    • Other guests can comment on existing entries
    • Email notification of new entries and comments
    • Thank you email sent to guests after posting new entry
    • Search function
    • Email address encryption to prevent the addresses being harvested by spammers
    • Flood controls to prevent people from flooding your guestbook with entries

And best of all every feature listed here is optional and can be enabled/disabled from the admin area



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