Current stable version is 1.24


Changelog for 1.24

Fixed - Comment now uses anti bot test text if question and answer is used
Fixed - Cookie login not working for some users
Fixed - Some users were getting error of Database has gone away


Changelog for 1.23

Fixed - SFS check not returning error on comments
Fixed - Admin area not using chosen database functions

Added - More domains to bad list
Added - String escaping when saving changes in admin for security and bug fixing
Added - Ability to select all entries on admin page in one click

Removed - from bad hosts list as it was blocking legitimate users

Some stuff I've forgotten 


Changelog for 1.22

Fixed - User pics not being deleted with post
Fixed - Bad word checking was case sensitive
Fixed - Posts from Chrome on Android were showing as Chrome not Android
Fixed - Updated YouTube AGCode to support https urls

Changed - Space for name, email and URL increased to 150 to allow for non-western characters
Changed - Now just uses remote_addr for the posters IP for security and consistency

Added - Location now has a globe image that links to Google map of the location
Added - Support for iPad in browser detection
Added - Support for URLs that use non-Latin characters 


Changelog for 1.21

Fixed - Logout in admin was not deleting your cookie
Fixed - Seeing \n or \r\n in email notifications.
Fixed - Regression meaning thumbnails were displayed wrong size
Fixed - Image not showing for Opera browser

Changed - .htaccess now has more entries for better blocking on supporting servers
Changed - StopForumSpam address now uses their load balancer


Changelog for 1.20.4

Fixed - MySQL error if ICQ disabled or not submitted
Fixed - Entries not showing. I think browser detect was the issue.


Changelog for 1.20.3

Fixed - New Opera detection resulted in preg_match error


Changelog for 1.20.2

Fixed - SFS not working when both email and IP being checked and using fallback method
Fixed - Error on saving security settings if ' used in bot test question or answer
Fixed - Error message on some servers about undefined constant IS_INSTALLER
Fixed - Image Upload setting would always say directories were unwriteable
Fixed - Uploaded images not showing in easy admin
Fixed - Flash AGcode not working with urls
Fixed - Slashes being needlessly stripped from email body
Fixed - mysql.class.php always being used even if mysqli requested

Changed - Faster deletion of redundant files in tmp folder

Added - Detection for Opera 15 and IE 11 useragents due to massive changes in useragents
Added - lazTop ID to top div so you can style the sign and navigation links


Changelog for 1.20.1

Fixed - Entry being blocked when SFS check failed
Fixed - SFS check unable to connect on some server
Fixed - 'mysqli_insert_id() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli' error

Changed - Smileybox now has a maximum height of 150px. Scrollbar will show if needed

Removed - Some redundant code that served no purpose so god knows why I even put it in there


Changelog for 1.20

Changed - Returned to mysql_* functions as default with option to use mysqli_* 

Added - IP addresses blocked by SFS are now cached locally for 24 hours to ease load on SFS
Added - More server IP blocks to the htaccess
Added - Header checks now checks posters hostname against list of bad hosts/server
Added - If SFS check fails then entry is marked for moderation (unaccepted)
Added - If honeypot filled in script will pause to slow down some bots


Changelog for 1.19.1

Fixed - Regression that caused homepage url not to be saved


Changelog for 1.19

Fixed - split function deprecated as of PHP 5.3 now using explode
Fixed - mysql functions deprecated as of PHP 5.5 switched to mysqli
Fixed - Links in RSS feed point to wrong location if using include file
Fixed - Honeypot was not working
Fixed - Timezone not set error in blocks.php

Added - Can now specify a banned IP range as x.x.x.x-y.y.y.y
Added - index, addentry and comment pages will forward to included page or block if set to
Added - Stop Forum Spam check now also checks the email address
Added - Donate link to admin menu
Added - More spam server ip blocks to .htaccess

Changed - Smiley box now slides in to view above the message textarea
Changed - Comments now slide in to view if set to hidden
Changed - Image directory names are now hardcoded due to some CMS wiping variables
Changed - Updated the .htaccess to add new IP ranges


Changelog for 1.18.7

Fixed - Error message when saving security section of admin
Fixed - Label issues in panel_main.php


Changelog for 1.18.6

Changed - Spam block stats now gives a detailed breakdown
Changed - Captcha no longer does a header check if enabled
Changed - Admin menu is no longer fixed to make using it on a phone easier
Changed - Captcha URL is now obfuscated in the HTML

Added - External file for displaying the block count on your website


Changelog for 1.18

Fixed - admin.php would cause an infinite loop on some servers
Fixed - preg_replace warning when using regex with empty censored words list
Fixed - Exploit in SolveMedia that allowed it to be bypassed
Fixed - Q&A bot test would return empty if Solve Media was enabled

Changed - Removed clear CSS from body.tpl due to layout inconsistencies
Changed - Moved Base URL and Guestbook URL settings to top of general and 
          marked as important
Changed - Added IP address of poster to admin emails
Changed - Stylised admin emails slightly
Changed - Rewrote captcha options to make them make sense
Changed - SolveMedia now requires the user to have JavaScript enabled
Changed - Server time offet is now your timezone rather than the difference
Changed - Built in CAPTCHA now requires JS to show it
Changed - Moved comment enabling from security to fields

Added - AGCode now supports YouTube's short urls
Added - Thank you message is now parsed for AGCode before being sent
Added - Option to have posters IP address checked against Stop Forum Spam
Added - Honeypot to trap some spambots


Changelog for 1.17.1

Fixed - Admin would kick you out when you tried to save any changes


Changelog for 1.17

Fixed - Undefined entity error when checking HTML with Gravatars enabled
Fixed - Error message due to log writing when using SMTP failed
Fixed - Use external css setting not being remembered
Fixed - Issue with CSS of navigation under sign guestbook link
Fixed - Entries with images in admin were still using EnlargeIt code
Fixed - Division by 0 error in statistics when you had no comments

Changed - Major rewrite of admin.php to tighten up security
Changed - Uploaded files that fail image check are instantly deleted
Changed - Removed PHP Info from admin
Changed - Dimensions of YouTube videos is now hard coded in
Changed - Redesigned admin again
Changed - Rewrote bad word censoring to be faster
Changed - Better checking of submitted homepage urls

Added - Link to forums in admin
Added - Extra header check to try and stop new wave of spam


Changelog for 1.16

Fixed - Layout issue in IE
Fixed - Bad naming of inputs in comment edit form

Changed - Switched from EnlargeIt! to Highslide for lightbox

Added - Ability to use an SMTP server for sending emails (basic)
Added - Option to disable blocked post count
Added - Ability to reset blocked post count to 0
Added - Can now use Solve Media captcha instead of the built in one
Added - Added support for CIDR format in IP banning


Changelog for 1.15

Fixed - Finally converted all the deprecated ereg to preg_match
Fixed - $COMGRAVATAR was not set if no email address for the comment

Added - Statistics of entries/comments to admin
Added - Now keeps a count of all blocked entries and comments


Changelog for 1.14

Fixed - Charset not being used in success_header.tpl
Fixed - Length of message not being checked in comments
Fixed - Guestbook should work when included in a CMS such as Joomla
Fixed - Border Radius CSS to final specification

Changed - If using Smart time the real time will appear as a tooltip
Changed - Styling of success/error messages in admin
Changed - Smart time now shows the day name if within last 7 days
Changed - A page number will always been shown even if it's just 1
Changed - body.tpl and form.tpl partly use divs for styling
Changed - Can now style the font and number colour at top of guestbook
Changed - error.tpl to use your chosen font size
Changed - JavaScript to use browser native function

Added - Styling to Submit and Reset buttons in admin
Added - Option to ban ip and unaccept to comments
Added - Commenters can now leave their email address
Added - Added Android as recognised browser


Changelog for 1.13.5

Fixed - Error message when entry variable was set as negative number
Fixed - Not stripping slashes when reporting an error with magic quotes enabled
Fixed - Error message when trying to comment with smileys disabled

Changed - Improved international support for the text of the submit and preview buttons

Added - Ability to preview changes made to error box styling


Changelog for 1.13.1

Fixed - Hardcoding of admin url forgot action from email link if not logged in
Fixed - Comment form would only display the first comment for the entry

Changed - RSS file can now accept 'entry' variable to specify start entry
Changed - Removed the close window javascript from admin logout


Changelog for 1.13

Fixed - Regression in admin_entry.tpl
Fixed - If you had a duplicate badword that list would get cut short
Fixed - Bug in censoring stopping more than one comment showing per entry
Fixed - captcha.php was always checking headers

Changed - Improved Javascript form checking on entries and comments
Changed - Moved some Javascript to lazjs file for better caching
Changed - Now can have badwords to censor, moderate or ban
Changed - Code used to validate email addresses
Changed - The way comments are hidden if set to be hidden
Changed - A number is now displayed to indicate which header failed

Added - Can now style the error box from within style section
Added - Can now ban ip and unaccept message in easy admin
Added - Ability to unmask the password in admin login


Changelog for 1.12.2

Fixed - Regression in form.tpl that prevented previews and error messages showing
Fixed - Regression in some form elements that left form blank after preview/error
Fixed - Error messages when previewing under some settings
Fixed - Missed some height/width attributes for icons

Added - Link to Geo IP so you can see where in the world the IP is (Easy Admin)


Changelog for 1.12

Fixed - PHP Notice preventing captcha working on some servers
Fixed - Restored the htaccess file to keep people out of admin folder
Fixed - Allowed tags regex is now less greedy
Fixed - Lazarus was always saying smileys were off on comment form
Fixed - Unable to use ' in thank you email on some servers
Fixed - class for entry text now will not get replaced by your CSS

Added - Header checks to try and combat spam
Added - Wordpress style admin links in easy edit section of admin
Added - Smilies are now shown in easy admin
Added - Notification emails now have direct link to entry

Changed - Redesigned admin login form
Changed - Increased number of characters for allowed HTML tags
Changed - Default colours used for guestbook
Changed - Colours used in admin
Changed - Admin menu is now fixed using CSS instead of Javascript
Changed - Can now use colour names and transparent for background colour
Changed - Now get a clearer error message when the MySQL error code is a common one
Changed - Removed all dimension attributes from images


Changelog for 1.11.2

Fixed - Possible XSS exploit in comment posting (found by


Changelog for 1.11

Fixed - Only one comment showing if censor on view was selected
Fixed - Entry/comment not being censored on comment with 'censor on display'
Fixed - Entries weren't being escaped properly for adding to database
Fixed - Lazarus now handles submit value to HTML entities for better international support
Fixed - Trying to add a comment to unaccepted post would still show form
Fixed - Entries/comments not always being slashed/unslashed correctly
Fixed - Smiley button not displayed if AGCode disabled
Fixed - Smiley button to left of textarea when Javascript disabled
Fixed - Captcha now tries png then jpg if gif creation not supported
Fixed - Still had some table names hard coded using the book_ prefix

Added - Support for displaying gravatars
Added - Now says on form if email addresses are not displayed

Changed - Changed the order in which the tests are performed on submitted entries.
Changed - Previews and error messages appear above completed form
Changed - Webmasters email input can now take up to 200 characters
Changed - Removed the text version of guests email address from entry


Changelog for 1.10.2

Fixed - Links in PHP Nuke were using ? and not &
Fixed - Multiline comments in notification email
Fixed - undefined variable in rss.php
Fixed - Thumbnail creation works again
Fixed - Javascript error if AGCode was disabled
Fixed - "Undefined variable: id" error message when previewing entry with uploaded image
Fixed - Editted comments not saving on some servers

Added - Output buffering to rss for when you have whitespace in config file
Added - Link to guestbook in notification emails

Changed - Some code in captcha.php
Changed - Way buttons are displayed on entry forms due to layout bugs
Changed - Submit url of admin login is now hard coded in


Changelog for 1.10.1

Fixed - Variable error when viewing entries in admin and PHP error reporting on high
Fixed - Queries not being correctly formatted on some servers

Added - Output buffering to captcha and admin for when you have whitespace in config file


Changelog for 1.10

Fixed - User pics link in comment form was still old style
Fixed - User pics in preview not working after changes in 1.9.1
Fixed - User pics in comment form were not opening via Javascript
Fixed - Number of entry was weird in permalinks
Fixed - Comments made via Easy Admin were not returning you to Easy Admin
Fixed - Images not showing in picture.php when used as PHP Nuke module
Fixed - User pics in admin still linked to thumbnail if one existed
Fixed - Javascript for inserting smiley code would always place at the end
Fixed - Thumbnails of gifs and pngs were not keeping their transparency
Fixed - Undefined variable: PERMALINK notice on comment form
Fixed - install.php now checks if database tables exist and are up to date

Added - A message that flash is required if flash not installed
Added - Flash object tags now converted back to AGCode in email notifications
Added - Can now request a new captcha image if Javascript is enabled
Added - Captcha image can now have transparent background
Added - Added icons for iPhone, Flock and Google Chrome browsers
Added - Requested URI is now included in MySQL error emails
Added - Option to use external style sheet when using as include or module
Added - Preview of what your Ad Block code will look like
Added - Lightbox functionality to user pics using EnlargeThis!
Added - Guestbook url so problems with php navigation and module images should be fixed
Added - Can now view only unaccepted entries in admin
Added - wmode tag to Flash objects to prevent them hiding EnlargeIt!
Added - Draggable pop up smiley box
Added - Ability to resize textareas in admin
Added - Error handling for when you try to edit a non-existant entry
Added - Link on success message in case they have Javascript disabled

Changed - Major changes to the layout of the admin section
Changed - Captcha is now bigger and has wave effects to distort the characters
Changed - Captcha size can now be changed in General Settings
Changed - If captcha is set to use greyscale it uses the same grey for everything
Changed - Captcha image is now a gif due to poor PNG transparency support in IE6
Changed - Cleaned up some of the browser icons
Changed - Image used to show guests ip is logged
Changed - Enlarged textarea for Ad Block
Changed - Reordered the browser list so that Opera and Flock were correctly identified
Changed - Admin now always opens in a new window/tab
Changed - AGCode buttons now use images to look better
Changed - AGCode buttons don't show if the browser does not support Javascript
Changed - AGCode function should now be faster and more efficient
Changed - Tidied up code in image.class.php for efficiency
Changed - Moved administration link to the footer
Changed - Removed images from top right link (sign,back,administration)
Changed - Top right link in permalinks to return to guestbook link
Changed - Removed search box from permalinks
Changed - Removed links from top right of admin login
Changed - Moved a lot of Javascript to an external sheet
Changed - Moved a lot of admin CSS to an external sheet
Changed - Timer on success page is now set to 8 seconds instead of 2
Changed - Method used to redirect guests from success page is now Javascript
Changed - Removed admin link and "powered by" from success page


Changelog for 1.9.1

Fixed - MySQL query error on trying to save Style
Fixed - Link to uploaded pic pointed to thumbnail if one existed


Changelog for 1.9

Fixed - Include code was interfering with the style form on submission
Fixed - Cancelling a post deletion in Easy Admin would still delete the post
Fixed - Current comment was being included with previous comments in email
Fixed - Removed all instances of CHDIR function
Fixed - Minimum post time not disabled if set to 0

Added - Search box can now be styled in Style
Added - Will now display an error if a template file is missing
Added - Option to use full YouTube url if YouTube Flash keeps getting 
        displayed as a link
Added - Now compares database version against hard coded one and informs
        you if you need to run smart updater
Added - Can now set comments so only admin can post them
Added - Optional permalinks
Changed - Can now have notifications sent to multiple email addresses
Changed - include_path is now a constant instead of a variable
Changed - Table names are now hard coded in
Changed - Removed list of table names from password section of admin


Changelog for 1.8
Fixed - Error message when performing a search that just contained spaces/quotes
Fixed - Some YouTube urls were not being converted correctly
Fixed - Javascript now not required for deleting in Easy Admin
Fixed - FLASH AGCode now respects your maximum image size if set
Fixed - Some label tags in General Settings not closed
Fixed - Display order of entries being reversed on some servers

Changed - Some of the security patches
Changed - Lazarus version number now stored in database
Changed - General Settings now hides/shows options using javascript
Changed - How MySQL connection works in attempt to fix MySQL 5 bug
Changed - You can now replace censored words on saving or on displaying
Changed - Internal HTML code now outputs XHTML tags
Changed - Site used to resolve IP addresses
Changed - Some browser icons to look better on dark pages
Changed - Notification email for comments to show other comments

Added - Can now display the date as Today and Yesterday if appropriate
Added - Some error checking to captcha.php
Added - Can block posts containg to many URLs
Added - Comment count when hide comments is selected
Added - You can now add your own fonts to the font file for CAPTCHA to use
Added - New language lines for use with the Smart Time option
Added - Can now choose to moderate posts containing censored words


Changelog for 1.7.4
Fixed - Undefined index message when editing comments
Fixed - Error message when doing a large search
Fixed - Moderation emails not being sent on some servers
Fixed - Recent security fix may of stopped admin working on PHP Nuke
Fixed - Look up link for IP addresses in Easy Admin
Fixed - Search not working when using gbinclude.php
Fixed - 'Out of range' ICQ error message when using MySQL 5.0.12 and over
Fixed - Admin links in emails not correct when Lazarus is a Nuke module

Changed - MySQL error emails now come from the admin email address
Changed - HTML for gender images and comment link are now templates
Changed - 'Powered by' text is now in a template file

Added - Extra sendmail parameter so emails are sent from correct address


Changelog for 1.7.3
Fixed - Cross Site Scripting exploit
Fixed - Undefined variable error


Changelog for 1.7.2
Fixed - Several error notices about undeclared indexes or variables
Fixed - Admin menu not appearing on some servers.

Changed - Added a hidden .htaccess file to tmp folder due to crappy zip programs


Changelog for 1.7.1

Fixed - Search not working if both comments and image upload disabled
Fixed - Would go into infinite loop if [flash][/flash] was not linked to a flash file

Changed - Now FLASH AGcode converts YouTube links into the correct url for the file 


Changelog for 1.7

Fixed - Timehash input was producing invalid HTML
Fixed - Always use admin/book email as from address
Fixed - Images could still be uploaded even if you had disabled them
Fixed - Buttons not working on forms after returning from a preview or error

Changed - Improved CAPTCHA generation
Changed - CAPTCHA now gets it's settings from the database
Changed - Parts of admin now use your chosen language
Changed - Easy Admin and Private Messages now use images for options
Changed - Replaced images with newer ones
Changed - All emails are now sent in plain text and HTML
Changed - English will be used for any text that is not in your chosen language file
Changed - If you disable comments and/or image uploading then neither will be displayed in the guestbook
          (query optimisation)
Changed - Removed guestbook image and replaced with admin defined text. HTML is allowed
Changed - Show/hide comments link text now changes to reflect the current state
Changed - Captcha now only uses letters to help prevent confusion

Added - Can now accept/unaccept/delete/edit entries and comments from a link in the notification email
Added - Search function
Added - Can now have Lazarus remember your login details using a cookie
Added - Can now request that any uploaded images are attached to notification emails
Added - Flash AGcode for posting flash from such sites as YouTube.


Changelog for 1.6.1

Fixed - CAPTCHA not working on comments if CAPTCHA options disabled


Changelog for 1.6

Fixed - Some servers not setting correct permissions on uploaded pictures
Fixed - Font faces with quotes were not displaying properly in admin
Fixed - Call to undefined function in add.class.php on line 227
Fixed - Flood check not working unless admin email set

Added - CAPTCHA (image verification) is now an option in anti bot test
Added - CAPTCHA (image verification) is now an option for comments
Added - You can now specify an email address for thank you emails to come from
Added - You can also specify that all notifications to you come from above address
Added - Can now place an advert anywhere in the guestbook entries
Added - Legacy support in template loading for people on lazy hosts
Added - Can now delete/accept/unaccept multiple entries in Easy Admin
Added - Homepage is now checked for censored words
Added - [img] agcode now resizes the image if it is to large
Added - EMAIL AGcode is now optional
Added - You can now disable the ability to add comments
Added - Time delay/limit to comment form

Changed - Email format validation
Changed - Code changes for speed up
Changed - Base url is now stored in database fo reasy setting/changing
Changed - Installer and Smartupdater are now a single file, install.php


Changelog for 1.5.5

Fixed exploit in picture.php
Fixed exploit in code-LANG.php files


Changelog for 1.5.4

Fixed - Some servers not setting correct permissions on uploaded pictures
Fixed - Undefined variable row message on preview
Fixed - Link to full size user image no longer needs javascript
Fixed - Uploaded BMPs not getting added to the entry
Fixed - Yahoo had changed url for online/offline smiley

Added - Word censoring can now be set to block posts containing bad words

Changed - IP getting function to better detect proxy types
Changed - Rewrote word censoring to be faster


Changelog for 1.5.3

Fixed - 'Out of range' ICQ error message when using MySQL 5.0.12 and over
Fixed - Include code for gbinclude.php file not showing correctly on some servers
Fixed - 'Undefined variable: rid' error messge in easy admin
Fixed - Text colouring for private message option now matches rest of form
Fixed - Integrated the PHP 4.4.1 patch files
Fixed - Was not returning to correct page when accepting comments
Fixed - Opera (stupid browser) reported an error when editing posts with long user agents
Fixed - Can now use single characters in email domains if it is a sub domain
        (ie will work but will not)
Fixed - Time displayed in Easy Admin now obeys your time offset 
Fixed - Had & in yahoo template instead of &       

Added - Pagination on the index page
Added - AGCode buttons to put the AGcode into the message
Added - Comment table is now indexed for faster loading
Added - Can now unaccept posts so they show in easy admin but not guestbook
Added - Unaccepted posts and comments now have pink background in Easy Admin

Changed - Reworded the email field options in Admin - General Settings

Removed - The Allowed HTML and Allowed AGCode text


Changelog for 1.5.2

Fixed - Admin log in form not showing in PHP Nuke
Fixed - Unable to login using non alphanumeric characters in PHP Nuke
Fixed - picture.php no longer reports an error if img variable left empty

Changed - Easy admin now returns to the page you were viewing after performing an action


Changelog for 1.5.1

Fixed - Requiring an email address could be bypassed with a space
Fixed - AGcode messed up if tags where stacked
Fixed - Couldn't use a double quote (") in bot test question
Fixed - Comments were not using your specified text colour

Added - Charset to HTML emails so that non English characters are displayed correctly in email clients.
Added - Can now ban an IP and delete a post at the same time in easy admin
Added - .htaccess file so that pages are sent using gzip compression
Added - International Date Format as an option
Added - Option to have comments hidden with a link to make them appear
Added - You can now add text to the password input of comment form
Added - Charset is now set in General Settings
Added - Email addresses can now be hidden in entries

Changed - Gone back to using the emotion of a smiley for the alt text and not the smiley code
Changed - Code for checking if an IP is banned is now faster and uses less CPU time
Changed - Image uploading now even works when server is in safe mode
Changed - Email addresses are now checked for bad words
Changed - Removed the storeasip option
Changed - Both hostname and IP are stored for every post
Changed - Antispam word is now stored in database and randomly generated
Changed - Comment notification emails now contain the guestbook entry that has been commented on
Changed - Templating system has been overhauled to make it only use one set of files
Changed - All fields except name and message are optional.
Changed - Version number is now only shown in admin section.


Changelog for 1.4

Fixed - Bad word filtering when regex is not selected
Fixed - I had used the admin password page from my demo version
Fixed - Added title attribute to gender images
Fixed - Some images were using the /> XHTML ending
Fixed - Email encryption used on Comment form and entry preview was different from the main version
Fixed - YAHOO and AGENT being undeclared (only on servers where PHP error reporting is set to high)
Fixed - Jump to not working in easy admin

Added - Javascript confirmation box when deleting anything via easy admin
Added - Comments for an entry now appear in the comment form with the entry
Added - Text for the MSN, Yahoo and Skype links in entries now in language files
Added - Anti bot test is now indicated as a required field
Added - Homepage URL is now a link in easy admin and private messages
Added - IP's in easy admin can be clicked to resolve the IP to the owner
Added - Hostnames in Easy Admin can be clicked to get the IP for them
Added - Email addresses posted using AGCode are now encrypted.
Added - You can now use [NAME] in thank you emails to have the posters name put at that point.

Changed - URL's in posts now only display the domain of the link whilst still linking to the full url.
Changed - Comments are now checked for bad words before being checked for AGCode and URL's
Changed - Comment success message now uses success.php template
Changed - All information from a submitted entry is sent to the webmaster if notifications active
Changed - Wording of the Thank You email section of Admin


Changelog for 1.3

Fixed - No alt tag when [img][/img] used to display an image
Fixed - HTML entities in from address of new post notifications
Fixed - Complete overhaul of the install.php file
Fixed - Font sizes for some items in addentry form
Fixed - Typo in top logout link on style page of admin (only where PHP error reporting is set to high)
Fixed - Undefined variable when trying to accept a post (only where PHP error reporting is set to high)
Fixed - undefined variable use_regex (only on servers where PHP error reporting is set to high)

Added - Guestbook now uses UTF-8 character set for better international support even in admin
Added - Skype field

Changed - Thumbnail creation updated to improve thumbnal quality
Changed - Uploaded images in entries now use float:left; for better appearance.
Changed - Improved encryption of text email in entries.


Changelog for 1.2.1

Fixed - Closing quote of alt attribute for smileys.
Fixed - Rough edge around Firefox, IE and Mozilla browser icons.

Added - Can now use bmps for smileys.

Changed - Switched from using ereg_replace to using str_replace in template loading
Changed - Switched from using an array to strtr when previewing


Changelog for 1.2

Fixed - Smileys not working on forms
Fixed - bottest not working when used as a module

Added - Time check on entries to help fight spam
Added - Time display in Admin - Style to display time on server and your time


Changelog for 1.1

Fixed - Emails to admin were all on one line
Fixed - Forgot to get the information in gbinclude when globals are turned off

Added - Browser detect whereby the appropriate browser icon is displayed
Added - Clickable browsers in pop up smileys window
Added - Picture Upload is now disabled unless you have made the folders writable
Added - Templates state if they are editable or not in Admin section
Added - Duplicated jump links in easy admin so they are at the top and bottom

Changed - Rearranged layout of the name section of entries
Changed - MSN icon is now a link to the users MSN profile
Changed - MSN icon is now MSN butterfly
Changed - Cleaner AIM icon
Changed - Smiley pop up only shows smileys and AGcode link shows the AGcode if it is on

Some things I probably have forgotten about as well