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Looking for my old site?

A long time ago I switched from the old site to a blog driven site but don’t worry, the old pages still exist. You can visit the old site at http://carbonize.co.uk/Old/

Here are some of the main things on the old site


Adult Smileys
Replace your boring messenger smileys with these risque ones made by Basefaces
Yahoo Messenger Archive Reader
A program by Freddy and myself for reading your Yahoo Messenger Archives.
Posting Smileys
The codes used for posting the 96 smileys in Yahoo!
Fake Logins
How to keep your account safe from hackers and script kiddies.
Chat Terms
Want to know what LOL and ROFL mean? then have a look at this list.
Status Check
Check the online status of any Yahoo user
More ways to make your account secure and how to change your password and security question.


C Tutorial
Want to learn to program in C? then try this tutorial written by Synfire.
C++ Tutorial
A C++ tutorial written by Synfire.
Introduction to PHP
A introduction to the scripting language called PHP
A guide to using a Linux based operating system with information on how to secure it.
Introduction to Perl
Another one of Synfires many tutorials and introductions. This time on for the scripting language Perl.
Batch Files
A quick introduction I made on making batch files for automating DOS based tasks.
Ascii Table
A table showing all the ascii codes along with their hex and octal equivilants.
Visual basic string functions
Some of the ways you can manipulate strings in Visual Basic
Introduction to VB’s winsock
A brief introduction to Visual Basic’s winsock and how it works

Web Design

Introduction to HTML
A quick introduction to HyperText Markup Language, or HTML as it is known. I hope this introduction will help get you off to a good start.
Metatag Generator
A easy way to make the meta tags for your site. Just input the required information and my script will make the tags for you. You just copy and paste the results into your HTML.
Using .htaccess
How to use a wonderful file known simply as .htaccess. With this file you can redirect requests from one url to another, use custom error pages, prevent people using your images on their websites (hotlinking) and more.
Some Javascripts
Some javascripts to make your site more dynamic.
CSS Tricks
How to use CSS to add style to your site. Put borders around blocks of text and how to hilight important items.
Link Tricks
How to add style to your links. Remove the underline. Also how to make your mailto links more detailed.

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