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I recently decided to try / review a new anti virus program I had heard about called Rising Antivirus. Now my first issue with this anti virus is the fact that the installer is over 60MB and the download was slow as hell. Took me around 30 minutes to download and I’m on a 20Mb connection. Once installed it takes over 200MB of hard drive space. First thing I did was run an update and it seemed to me that every component had an update and given I had only just downloaded the program this seems excessive. Next I ran a scan of the local drives. After twenty minutes I stopped it as it had only done about 5% and was saying it had over an hour left to go. Given this was my laptop with little on it this was far from acceptible.

Now we get to the main reason I swiftly uninstalled it. I downloaded the Eicar test file which is a standard file that all antivirus programs recognise as a test file so you can test if your antivirus is working or not. So I put the eicar.com file on my desktop and ran it. Rising Antivirus did absolutely nothing. I can accept it not detecting it during the download because my favourite free antivirus, AntiVir, only scans files when they are opened or read. To not detect the test file when run makes me wonder what else it doesn’t detect. I told it to scan the eicar.com file and it alerted me that it was a virus (well a test file which is what it should report it as) but not even a beep from Rising Antivirus when I run the file. In fact I had to turn Rising’s detection level up to high to get it to report it as a virus when I opened it. Even then I could see the command window in the background that eicar.com opens so I’m not even sure that if it had been a virus Rising Antivirus would of stopped it doing anything.

So my advice is avoid this anti virus like the plague. The best free anti virus, in my opinion, is AntiVir and the next best free one is Avast. I can no longer even recommend AVG as third place because all reports say as of version 8 AVG has become a resource hog that slows your computer down.

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  1. I don’t know about you, but my installation of ‘Rising Internet Security 2009’ detects the Eicar testvirus without any probs.
    I have used this AV for about 6 months and I’m very satisfied with it. The ‘Malicious Behavior Interceptor’ have blocked several “unwanted” installation.
    But the best security of all i just running your system logged in as a regular User not an Administrator.

  2. “version 8 AVG has become a resource hog that slows your computer down”

    This is becoming the real issue with quality antivirus software. Finding the right solution with high detection rates that won’t slow down the PC to a crawl.

    I’ve never heard of Rising Antivirus before, at first I thought it might be a rogue security software.

  3. I used avast for 2 years.Than i heard for rising antivirus free edition.I gived it a try.I am very satisfied with rising.This AV has found a virus that avast could not find.Try rising it’s the best AV in the market

  4. AVG cleaned every single attack right off my computer within a week from Pro-Anti-Virus 2009 and other pop-up spam hijackers, giving me several options first. I haven’t had a single problem since. It could even identify the criminals making the attacks and put them in jail where they belong. It’s fast and easy and automatically updates without slowing your computer or getting in the way. Ignore complainers who gave AVG less than four stars.

  5. have been trying to update my rising since 2 month and rising is getting weak day by day that i can feel some virus in my pc and have been recommend your product in NIGERIA as a good antivirus and relaible.so please kindly do something about this b\4 i log on to another antivrius need urgent reply

  6. Actually I use rising free antivirus. The first scan is the longest of all. It took over 3 hours. But the second scan becomes much shorter — about 50 minutes only. Yes it does not do anything for EICAR, but have you tried scanning your whole computer after opening EICAR? EICAR technically is a harmless file and it may not be detected as a threat in real time, by rising. Any new AV should be tried for few days before deciding to give up. For example recently Avast had a botched update which screwed lots of computers. A person using Avast that day for first time would say its bad AV. But its not bad.

    • As I have said the fact it didn’t detect it on downloading nor when I run it makes me wonder what else it would miss. All it would take it for a single nasty virus to be allowed to run and it could do serious damage to your computer.

  7. i agree that rising free does not do anything to EICAR in real protection mode. However when the whole computer is scanned, it does detect EICAR test file and cleans it. Yes it would not also detect it when you run it. But in the paid version of rising, EICAR gets detected as soon as you click on it.

  8. Try Rising 2010 full version..and see the big difference….

    • I’ll test it again next week when I have some free time although I have little faith in an anti virus that is not even listed in av-comparatives tests.

  9. Rising is the only free anti-vi besides Clam that runs on a server OS – so I am going to use them both. Better than nothing I guess.

  10. I’ve been using Rising for more than two years by now, and I really can’t complain: I haven’t had any virus in that time highjacking my PC. Of course I don’t trust the autodetection mechanism, but scan all downloaded files and freshly inserted flash memory drives manually.

    And as Randy Lee says, it’s the only free AntiVirus to run on a Server system. I use a server OS on my PCs, even my laptops, for entirely private and non-profit purposes. Why should I pay for an expensive AV, just because I use Windows Server instead of XP/Vista/7 ?

  11. Switched from PC TOOLS AV7 to RISING 2010 AV and I’m not regretting it a bit.
    Imho,this is the BEST AV around,and FREE!
    Very light on resources.

  12. Even PandaCloud antivirus is fine. It stands second in detection rates, next to G-Data in the test by AV-Comparatives.

    ( http://www.av-comparatives.org/en/comparativesreviews/detection-test )

  13. I have been using Rising for over three years, and cannot find a better free or paid AV so far. AGV allowed more viruses on my computer than any I have ever used, and I only go to a few regular site, and news sites. Even Norton did better than. AGV is a totally dangerous AV to use. You are the only site I have seen that has a negative experience to Rising, so that does not do much for you. And their fire wall is equally as effective.

    • 1 – You mean AVG not AGV
      2 – My review is from 2009 and I have been informed it has changed a lot since then but I will reserve judgement until I get bored enough to try it again.

  14. I’m using an old system to do my network things (mail-/ftp-server/torrents/ICQ/etc.) and this thing still uses Windows 2000. Most of todays antivirus software requires at least a Windows XP install so not much choice.

    Today I tried Rising Antivirus. Well, I guess you’ll get what you pay for, which in this case was ZERO!

    Incredible slow download and only the installer already takes up 100MB.

    I don’t know how good it performs as it won’t even install if you don’t have a recent version of Internet Explorer installed!

    Since I’m a FireFox user I removed IE completely. At installing Rising Antivirus I got a message saying “Your version of Internet Explorer is too old. Update to version 6.0 or newer”.

    WTF! First, it can’t be too old as there is none! Next, the fact I removed IE has a reason and no way I’m going to install it for a f***ing free virus-scanner. They also didn’t even bother to mention it in the requirements.

    I’m glad it was free so I can wipe it at no cost from my HD as quickly as possible. Total waste of bandwidth.

  15. you need to have patience my friend. I have ashampoo anti-malware and it takes 17 hours to scan whole computer while AVG internet seurity takes 2 hours. But ashampoo anti-malware has over 98% detection rate. 5% in 20 minutes is very good. Less than 7 hours it means. not 17 hours like mine

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