A collection of tutorials to help you on your path to knowledge.

C Tutorial
Want to learn to program in C? then try this tutorial written by Synfire.
C++ Tutorial
A C++ tutorial written by Synfire.
Introduction to PHP
A introduction to the scripting language called PHP
A guide to using a Linux based operating system with information on how to secure it.
Introduction to Perl
Another one of Synfires many tutorials and introductions. This time on for the scripting language Perl.
Batch Files
A quick introduction I made on making batch files for automating DOS based tasks.
Ascii Table
A table showing all the ascii codes along with their hex and octal equivilants.
Visual basic string functions
Some of the ways you can manipulate strings in Visual Basic
Introduction to VB's winsock
A brief introduction to Visual Basic's winsock and how it works

Have Linux and want to learn more or just fancy trying it? Read our Linux tutorial.