Synfire's Guide to C++

 Table of Contents
 i. Introduction
 1. Basic Structure
 2. cout and cin
 3. Variable Basics
 4. Conditional Statements
 5. Program Control
 6. Functions
 7. Arrays
 8. Character Arrays
 9. File I/O
10. Object Oriented Design
ii. Conclusion

i. Introduction
So you have been playing around with your lamer programs enough and now you wanna start building your own. Well, at least your on the right track!

Now that you are certain you wanna be a coder, What language should you code in? Well, it really depends on you! If you plan to code on Windows, try Visual Basic or Delphi. If you plan to code on *nix, C is your best bet.

But what if you wanna code in a language that isn't centered around the OS but around what you wanna create?

Well, that is were I found my self when I wanted to start coding. So, I did a little reading and found two languages that fall right in that category, Java and C++.

After learning to code in Java, and I am by no means a Java geek, I found it to be 'out of my taste' so I went on to C++. I found that C++ is what I was searching for. It is a great language to learn, is fairly simple, and enforces OOP as the soul of the language. (OOP is Object Oriented Programming)

The way I look at programming is if you wanna get really good, you have got to find a language that suits you.

If when you try and solve a problem you find yourself working out each detail separately until you have a complete answer then C++ is for you. But, if you are the kinda person that says to hell with details and you like to look at the BIG Picture, then I suggest trying C or a non-OOP language.

But honestly it's all up to you.

This is my tutorial that I wrote for Hackers' Lounge:2 at cause I found many people asking questions and/or Downing the C++ Language even though they have never written a piece of code in there lives.

But anyways on to the rest of this tutorial(note I said tutorial, that means a quick guide not a book).

But enough of that. On to the good shit...

Lesson 1: Basic Structure > > >

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