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  1. Lazarus 1.17.1
    Sent June 13th 2012

    Hello again, There is a bug in 1.17 that means as soon as you try to save any settings in admin you would get kicked out. I have released 1.17.1 to fix the issue. If you have already updated to 1.17 you only need the package I have attached to my forum po...

  2. Lazarus 1.17
    Sent June 11th 2012

    Lazarus 1.17 Hi, I finally got off my backside and uploaded Lazarus 1.17 to the server. The main change in 1.17 is a tightening up of the input handling in admin as well as a redesign to admin it's self. You can read all the changes in the changelog Do...

  3. Lazarus 1.16
    Sent December 19th 2011

    Lazarus 1.16 Hi, I have finally pushed version 1.16 of Lazarus Guestbook out the door. The main changes it brings are support for sending emails using an SMTP server, change of lightbox script to Highslide and the ability to specify banned IPs using CID...

  4. Lazarus 1.15
    Sent August 7th 2011

    Lazarus 1.15 Hi, I have just released version 1.15 of Lazarus Guestbook. The main change is the inclusion of statistics to the admin section so you can see some details about your guestbooks entries as well as how many entries/comments have been blocked...

  5. Lazarus 1.14
    Sent July 7th 2011

    Hi, I had no bad reports from the beta of 1.14 and so I am now releasing it for general use. You can download it from the downloads page as usual ( ). Before I list the changes I do have a couple of questions I ...

  6. Testers Needed
    Sent May 9th 2011

    Hi, I am working on version 1.14 of Lazarus but need some things testing. The first thing I need testing is something almost all of you can try. I have made some changes to the body.tpl template file as a step towards moving away from using tables in the H...

  7. Bug in Lazarus 1.13.6
    Sent March 28th 2011

    Hi again, It has been brought to my attention that there was a bug in the vars.class.php file in Lazarus 1.13.6. I have now fixed this bug and replaced the downloadable files with the fixed version. If you have already updated you can find a patched versio...

  8. Lazarus Guestbook 1.13.6
    Sent March 28th 2011

    Lazarus Guestbook 1.13.6 Hi, I have just released Lazarus Guestbook 1.13.6. This release fixes a few bugs that have been reported to me. The first two are notices informing about deprecated functions caused by a regression in my code. The last is a bug w...

  9. Lazarus 1.13.5
    Sent July 9th 2010

    Hi, I've just released version 1.13.5 of Lazarus Guestbook. It's mainly to address a couple of bugs but also changes how the submit and preview buttons work on the add entry form for better international support. As usual you can download the update file...

  10. Lazarus 1.13.1
    Sent December 1st 2009

    Lazarus 1.13.1 Hi, I have just released Lazarus 1.13.1 to fix a couple fo bugs that have been reported. As usual you can download it from the downloads page Don't forget you can also follow me on Twitter to be informed of new releases. Regards, Stewart...

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